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Who we are

The MegaCo Franchise consists of multiple companies all here to bring free and paid listing services to help increase the changes of you getting your product sold as safe and efficiently as possible.

Why choose us?

We have all been through the time consuming phase of trying to get second had equipment sold and we all know it’s a pain. MegaCo is here to try and fill that breach to allow you to have a larger variety of options to choose from and sell your assets to the correct market. Each Franchise will be there to cater for that specific category and more will come so you never have to hope that your product might or might not be found through all the irrelevant listings on a site that is too big to comprehend but only have your assets viewed to the correct viewers at all times


We Keep things as simple as possible making sure you dont need heaps of documentation just have your products sold.

Easy To Use Dashboard

Get a dahsboard where you will be able to see and edit all your ads and view all the payments you made for paid ads and have the options to print invoices of them

Extensive Packages

With packages starting from free have all your listings on the site in no time with the option to upgrade when needed to more advanced pacakges that will generate more interest

OUR Franchise

Below is a list of the current active MegaCo Franchise companies that are ready and available for you to have a look at.

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2 Silver Fox
Sir Lowrie Road
Somerset West, 7130

+2782 359 7470

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